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Pipes for cables and wiring installation
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HDPE double-wall pipes
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Plastic systems for air-conditions and water supply
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Objects with the products Ecoplast
Стратегический партнер - компания OSTEC
Электроустановочные изделия ЛК60 - Вся электрика мира. Каталог электротехнических товаров
The company has implemented technology Ecoplast halogen-free production of pipes, including pipes bezaglogennyh self-extinguishing compositions based on PP with IP65 protection and durability of three types:
The plant has implemented technology Ecoplast deep 3D lamination and led a series of cable channels in the MEX textural design by tree structure with three surfaces and the color of the PINE and NUT.
The company has released a new full Ecoplast "CATALOG 2012" and a separate booklet on the cable support system, "HATCH. COLUMNS. CABLE CHANNELS, (2012)"

The new generation Russian plant "ECOPLAST" specializing in the design and manufacturing of insulation pipes, cable ducting systems, fixing materials, junction boxes, wiring devices and cable meshaes meets the most demanding requirements for electrical market of Russia, CIS and EC. Made from high quality plastic, another kind or row materials, using the modern technologies, based on the engineering equipment "ECOPLAST" strongly occupied one of the first places on the local market. Our great goal is to re-design old electrical networks in Russia, CIS and provide a good quality, modern, fashion and reliable systems for any cables and structured networks, improve the life of common people and make it safety, take care to our environment and do it indeed friendly.

We manufacture and assmemble:
   - Corrugated pipes of different sizes and types from PVC, HDPE, PP, other engineering plastics, including HF and LS products
   - Smooth rigid pipes from different engineering materials for cable networks
   - System cable channels and ducts
   - Cable ties and clips, connectors, etc
   - Distribution and junction plastic boxes
   - Accessories and fixing materials
   - Wiring devices: sockets, switches, dimmers, RJ & TV parts
   - Floor boxes from different materials for indoor use
   - Service poles and cable traces

We are very strong in corrugated pipes, rigid pipes, trunking system of different solutions and type starts from size 7x12 up to 55x150 mm, wiring devices, floor boxes and fixing materials. Our lines such as trunking series of "INSTA", "MEX", floor box "LUK" - are professional cable support systems, which were developed together with leading systems integrators and electrical installation companies.

Ducting system "INSTA" was developed under the standard 45x45 either due tp "European standard" with 60mm wiring devices distance between the screws.

ECOPLAST is famous with a high quality system of mini-and micro-cable channels for different variants of the projects - a series of "MEX" with sizes from 7x12 mm up to 75x16, different models of floor boxes from line "LUK" for artificial and concrete floors from 1.5 to 24 modules (12 sockets) of plastic and metal, service distribution poles of the column from aluminum from line "TR", mounting materials, boxes and clamps, wiring accessories from line "LK Studio", steel cable trays and baskets.

All series are implemented in a wide range of sizes and are equipped with different accessories. Thus, realization of projects of various categories of almost any complexity to the system from one manufacturer.

Our shared value:
   - Our ability to listen to the clients and market current demand, follow the real trend and to correspond to the market new solutions and service
   - Our good and skilled team, "right" persons
   - Our research of "right" design, new engineering materials, new technologies and know-how and adopting the solutions and technical features of products to customers demand
   - Our improving service or production and logistics
   - Our distribution system and project support during last 11 years
   - Our integrated complex product solutions for most of possible projects for most of different buildings and climate zones
   - Our fresh unique style of engineering and implementation of technologies and knowledge

Decisions of the plant ECOPLAST allow you to create and reconstruct SCN and power wiring lines at facilities with limited and medium-sized budgets, to ensure the construction of networks in the urban municipal institutions. We collected a deep experience for last 10 years in many global projects as in Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg, as in most of regions of Russia from limited budgets and social important for us like schools and hospitals, either commercial projects like City buildings and office districts, retail moll shopping centers, airports, factories and huge plants, etc.

On the basis of plant production ECOPLAST sold hundreds of social significance, reconstructed the network of urban and local government agencies, commercial projects in various cities and regions of Russia.

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